10 Amazing Places for a Girls Getaway

Girls Getaway

Is it a group of old girl friends that want to reconnect? Is it a trip for somebody’s birthday? Perhaps a big 40th or 50th celebration? A bachelorette party? Is it a group of new girl friends seeking to bond and get to know one another better?

Maybe a group of moms that are in desperate need of having some peace and pampering? All of these occasions might call for different types of women only trips to various types of destinations.

Sunset in St Lucia - Optimized

Destination Travel St Lucia

Here are 10 destinations that are all time favorite for girls around the world:

  1. Pamplona, Spain

You may be familiar with the legendary running of the bulls, but you likely know little about the city that serves as its scenic stage.

Pamplona, Spain, the capital city of Basque Country, is a destination very worth your knowing, particularly if you’re a foodie, because Basque Country is really a gastronomic paradise.

Basque culture stands out as singular in Europe-the locals speak their very own language, there is a strong feeling of Basque pride, and Basque women have enjoyed equality since the feudal era.

2. Oaxaca, Mexico

Going to the city of Oaxaca provides a fascinating look at Mexican colonial architecture: Its baroque-style Santo Domingo temple is among the most beautiful in all of Mexico, with a domed ceiling and an intricate gold altar.

The weather is sunny and dry all year-round, which makes it a wonderful place for you and the gals to get together for strolls down the cobblestone streets, gaze up at colorful colonial buildings, stop in at museums and, obviously, eat your hearts out (literally).

3. Tuscany, Italy

The fervor of Italy and the Italians is most alive in its cuisine, and nowhere is that passion more evident than in Tuscany, a region of central Italy where women devote hours (even days) in developing the intense flavors that go into recipes passed down for generations.

Pasta, pizza, thick breads, bruschettas, and truffle oil all hail from Tuscany. You can study the centuries-old culinary secrets of this region in its kitchens-or just sample them while dining with your best friends each night.

4. Bangkok

Bangkok is two parts sophisticated metropolis and one part traditional-culture hub. It is a dynamic environment where (nearly) anything goes. The city center of modern Bangkok is choked with high-rise steel-and-glass offices, massive shopping complexes, and gridlocked traffic of cars and tuk-tuks.

5. Bali, Indonesia

Gorgeous beaches, surfing, and a tropical landscape of jungle-cloaked volcanoes and rice terraces reserve Bali a unique place in the hearts of international jet-setters. However, this island province, located in Southeast Asia of Indonesian archipelago, is also an idyllic spa haven if you are looking for help dropping that heavy baggage all of us carry in our lives.
6. Carlsbad, Czech Republic

If you have got general pains and aches, like most of us, or if you are struggling with a specific ailment like arthritis, the spas here can be just the ticket. Or perhaps you are just looking for relaxation and discovering a new country.

You and your girlfriends would love coming to Carlsbad, a quaint and quiet spa town where one can take a bath fit for a queen.

7.  New Zealand
In case your idea of the perfect girlfriends getaway combines a classic road trip with good old-fashioned exercise, stunning scenery, and a spa, you cannot beat what this two-island nation offers. The Kiwis (aka New Zealanders) have devised a mind-boggling number of adventurous ways to explore their two islands and all sorts of mountains, fjords, and rivers.

8. Costa Rica

Close your eyes and think about immersing your body in rain-water fed natural hot springs, with views of waterfalls, lush tropical plants, and, during the night, gushing red-orange lava. Costa Rica, located between Nicaragua and Panama, is renowned for both its friendliness and eco-friendliness.

9.  Thailand

The Southeast Asian country has no choice but to soothe, with a Buddhist culture setting the tone for mindful living; a fragrant, light cuisine which goes easy on your body; massage and yoga integrated into the lifestyle; and silky beaches and friendly people.

Girlfriends love the calm, warm seawater, inexpensive massages at the water’s edge, soft breezes, fresh fruit and fish, and the friendly Thai people.

10. Ireland

Ireland’s emerald landscapes are dotted with countless castles; some are medieval ruins, others are palace hotels. Especially if you have got Irish roots, staying in a castle is a great way to start exploring your heritage.

But for women from all backgrounds, Ireland is an escape to a different era, to a land of myths and a pastoral existence.
Have an amazing time… we know you will! Remember, above all that having a good time will truly mostly depend on who will be accompanying you on your girls getaway trip.

Relax, have some fun, and you will be building memories to serve you for a life time!. So get planning and enjoy your girls getaway trip! Cheers!

Post by Angella Grey, the marketing manager at The Vacation Rentals Experts – an online and offline digital marketing strategy that creates marketing solutions for vacation rentals, holiday homes and brands.

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